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General Disarray

i wish i had more green in my life. true fact: my boss is color blind yet hates green and i'm forced to fight him tooth and nail everytime i want to use any green.

Amber Alert: Slumber

the individual who is forced to live with a certain paint color should be allowed to "offically" title it...as such, though my apartment is technically "Pot of Cream" (Behr W-D-200), i henceforth refer to it as "Insomniac Sheen"

(that's a glaze, by the way...they're so *HOT!* right now)


Your idea for the name of the existing paint color gives me an idea for an alternative paint company. They could use really repellant but descriptive names for their colors, like Mucus or Warm Vomit. This idea makes me happy.

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