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*Addendum to my earlier comment:
Apparently, cement is actually one of the ingredients in concrete. So I meant that the mines were filled with concrete, not cement. Although, it being PA, who knows?


Honestly, no one ever mentioned the mines as being unusual in the slightest, and I never heard any mention of secret entries or "adventures underground" while growing up. I actually didn't even KNOW that the town was on top of mines until subsidence forced the state to fill the caverns with many tons of cement in the late 1990s.

(sidenote: I planned to take V.S. to an open mine for tour on our last visit, but we ran out of time.)

Oddly, I then moved to another town with secret underground tunnels to attend college; Cincinnati, which stopped building its subway in 1925, with seven miles tunneled and bridged under the city, ...and six stations built that no one ever used. Some of my peers used to go down there, but I never did.

What does all this say about me - that I prefer to exist on perpetually "shaky ground"?

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